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buku | Global Street Food

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Why didn't the two bunnies get married? #becausetheycantelope | Just a peep of what's cooking... | NC Symphony Soundbites Series. Two of the best days of the year @bukuraleigh | Rock-n-Roll Marathon Brunch? You just got served. | Gentle Raleighites! It's Friday, the sun is shining, all is right with the world--and there's WINE! This month, for Friday Night Flights, we are featuring a flight of 3 wines from our friends at Henry Fessy Winery in Beaujolais. Please join us! #3winesarebetterthan1 | We would like to thank Sasha Obama for rocking the t-shirt we sent her on their recent trip to China. | Do you agree that the Willamette Valley in Oregon produces some of the best Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the world? Then you should join us TONIGHT for Friday Night Flights because we are featuring a flight of 3 wines from the renowned Willamette Valley Vineyards! | Thai Papaya Salad, green papaya, Thai chile, roasted peanuts, tomato, cilantro, citrus. | TY•KU SOJU @bu•ku!!! With 1/2 the calories and twice the taste of vodka, Soju (also known as Shochu) is the #1 distilled spirit in the world. TY KU Soju updates this ancient spirit by producing an unbelievably smooth beverage that is lower in calories and more versatile than vodka. Its superiority is the result of expert small batch distillation & cold filtration, utilizing 100% premium barley. TY KU Soju is crafted from the finest all natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives or sweeteners. TASTING NOTES TY KU Soju has a smooth taste from start to finish, unlike Vodka which demands extra flavors & sugars to mask its harsh taste. TY KU Soju is best sipped chilled and is specially crafted to be a flavor catalyst so it absorbs the flavor of fruits & mixers. Create your favorite vodka cocktails with half the calories & double the flavor. TY KU Spirits are best served with friends and loved ones. Steeped in the Japanese tradition of respect, always pour for others as a sign of friendship and celebration. Kanpai ("Cheers"). ALL NATURAL BARLEY: The highest quality in the world, hand selected in Oita, Japan. SPRING WATER: Naturally filtered by the cedar forests of the Kyushu Mountains. KOJI: Handmade white koji evokes and enhances flavor and aroma. | Vietnamese Fisherman's Stew with Red Snapper, Scallops, Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, scallion, oyster mushrooms, cilantro, bean sprout. | Lunch Special. Profile pic. | Today's Lunch Special: Massaman Curried Vegetables with grilled shrimp & steamed rice. Twelve bucks. | Join us for Friday Night Flights: Oregon! We're featuring wines from Willamette Valley... and the last 2 Triangle teams will be on in the bu•ku bar. | Join us for Friday Night Flights: Oregon! We featuring wines from Willamette Valley... and the last two Triangle teams left will be on in the bu•ku bar. | Roasted Chicken Poutine, fried new potatoes, chicken gravy, fried cremini mushrooms, crispy prosciutto, asparagus, fresh herbs. | STOP WORKING!!! It's time to drink beer and watch college basketball. | Shrimp Dumplings with Thai basil, mint, ginger, shallots, chiles, garlic & a pineapple-peanut sauce. | Getting ready for the shenanigans. | Dinner on the P(h)atio tonight? | What can warm up a blustery Raleigh Friday? WINE! Luckily it's Friday Night Flights at Buku Raleigh and this month we're featuring 3 wines from Willamette Valley Vineyards in Oregon. Our chefs have been busy preparing the perfect compliment to our flight as well. See you tonight! | Sweet & Sour Pork Tacos, spicy pickled vegetables, ginger-mirin aioli. | Tolson Kenney, our bar manager, circa 2000. You're going to want to get a Hurricane from this guy tonight. | Open. Serving Jambalaya and Sazeracs tonight in honor of Mardi Gras. And deep-fried corn bread. You have all of Lent to feel bad about it. | Folks, you will have to CALL the restaurant today for a reservation. Open Table is experiencing major technical difficulties right now. | Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Pecorino Romano & Gruyere Cheeses, basil, arugula, white truffle oil, roasted bell pepper, fried quail egg. | Why didn't the two bunnies get married?